Lightning teases electric motorcycle that competes with petrol-powered rivals

15 February 2019 - 16:26 By AFP Relaxnews
The new Lighting electric motorcycle offers rapid performance
The new Lighting electric motorcycle offers rapid performance
Image: Supplied

This week Lightning Motorcycles followed up last month's electric motorcycle teaser image with a new pic of its high-performing, fully liquid-cooled electric motor.

Over the years, Lightning Motorcycles has made its name in the motorcycle industry by developing electric bikes that outrun some of the most high-performing petrol-powered models. In response to wide public interest, the company announced last month that it was sending its first model off to be mass-marketed and on Thursday, Lightning Motorcycles published a teaser image of its electric motor accompanied by a few details.

he image that the company provided with last month's announcement featured nothing but the motorcycle's glowing headlights with some specs written overtop: 240km range, 240km/h top speed, 35-minute DC charge, $12,998 starting price (roughly R183,502), coming March 2019. Now, we know a bit more about what's behind those details.

The Lightning Strike's electric motor resembles that of their LS-218 sportbike which the company says, "is currently the only electric motorcycle in the world with the technology and ability to run flat-out at qualifying racing speed, pull in for a pit stop to fast charge and continue racing – all without ever overheating."

Though the upcoming bike is a street legal model, its engine is also fully liquid-cooled and ready to compete on the track.

The official launch of the bike is slated for March.