Ferrari CEO announces new LaFerrari-beating V8 hybrid supercar

Fastest production Ferrari ever will be unveiled in May 2019.

07 March 2019 - 15:41 By AFP Relaxnews
The LaFerrari will no longer be the quickest car in the Italian marque's arsenal.
The LaFerrari will no longer be the quickest car in the Italian marque's arsenal.
Image: Supplied

After unveiling the F8 Tributo on Tuesday at the Geneva Motor Show – the first of five Ferrari models to come out this year – Ferrari announced that the next will launch in May, and it will be a V8 hybrid supercar that can outrun the LaFerrari.

On Tuesday in Geneva, Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri told reporters that May showers will bring a brand-new Ferrari hybrid supercar – possibly with a V8, according to Bloomberg. This will be the second hybrid the company has ever made after the LaFerrari was launched in 2013, and the second new model that Ferrari will launch in 2019.

When asked by Roadshow about the upcoming lineup, chief marketing and commercial officer Enrico Galliera said that the company will "establish 'clear, different positioning' for each new model, ensuring each targets a specific type of buyer".

The F8 was targeted at those who want a supercar that's still "streetable", whereas the V8 hybrid will be for more emissions-conscious drivers. Additionally, a V6 is on the way; according to CTO Michael Hugo Leiters, "This will be the next step to follow the speed of downsizing without losing any performance or driving emotion."

Leiters even went as far as to say that Ferrari is having serious discussions about developing an all-electric car, though for the time being, a battery vehicle simply does not fit a brand that's known for its iconic combustion-engine roar.

In any case, another Ferrari hybrid will make its debut in just a couple of months. With increasing stringent emissions standards, it's likely we'll be seeing several more over the next few years.