Ford integrates Waze for realtime info in hands-free navigation

Favourite navigation app can now be accessed on car's touchscreen

19 March 2019 - 11:06 By Motoring Reporter
Ford Sync 3 now offers Waze compatibility.
Ford Sync 3 now offers Waze compatibility.
Image: Ford

Waze is probably the best navigation app out there at the moment. Not just because it's easy to use but because its unique community-based interface allows users to transmit realtime information about the routes they're travelling on.

This means the app can help you avoid traffic, accidents, police and hazards to get you to your destination quicker than you otherwise would. Nice. Unfortunately up until now there has been one notable chink in the formidable Waze armour: incompatibility with car infotainment systems.

However if you drive a Ford you'll be glad to hear that this inconvenience is now a thing of the past, as Ford South Africa on Tuesday announced that its Sync 3 Applink system will now allow you to access Waze via the vehicle touchscreen.

Yep, no longer do you have to channel the 2000s and navigate via your smartphone screen. Aside from accessing the app on a larger display, users can also select feature functionality via voice command through the car's built-in speakers and microphone system. Talk about a revolution.