Tesla adds more vintage video games to its TeslAtari software

Latest update throws in arcade classics like 'Missile Command,' and 'Asteroids'

08 April 2019 - 08:56 By AFP Relaxnews
More games roll out to TeslAtari.
More games roll out to TeslAtari.
Image: Supplied

This week, Tesla will be rolling out "2048" and "Super Breakout" to TeslAtari, a software feature that turns Tesla models' touchscreen displays into old-school-style video game systems.

When Tesla's vehicle software was updated last August, not only was it enhanced by autopilot-improving features, but it was also equipped with an Easter egg that enables access to a handful of classic Atari games – "Missile Command," "Asteroids," "Lunar Lander," "Centipede," and "Pole Position" (which was later removed due to rights issues) – that can be played on the dashboard touchscreens found in the Model S, Model X, and Model 3.

On Thursday, Tesla published a video to YouTube announcing that the software will be getting a couple more games this week: Atari's "Super Breakout" and "2048."

When their vehicle is parked, Tesla owners can play any of these by using the steering wheel as a controller. Allegedly, video game controllers can be used to play the games by plugging them into the car's USB port, as well, but compatibility from different brand's system controllers appears to vary.