Ford's new self-driving fleet expands to Detroit

Driverless Ford Fusion Hybrids hit Motown's streets with upgraded sensors, including radars and cameras with higher resolution and range

12 June 2019 - 17:17 By Reuters
An autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid.
An autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid.
Image: Supplied

Ford Motor Co's majority-owned autonomous vehicle subsidiary, Argo AI, launched its new fleet of self-driving test vehicles - Ford Fusion Hybrid - in Detroit on Wednesday, expanding its presence to five US cities.

The new cars are equipped with upgraded sensors, including radar and cameras with higher resolution and range, said the company.

The second-largest US car maker is in talks with German car maker Volkswagen to develop self-driving vehicles as its autonomous vehicles unit competes for investment and engineering talent with peers as well as technology companies.

General Motors' majority-owned Cruise robotaxi business, Aurora, recently announced a partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, while Alphabet and Uber are also investing in their own self-driving projects.

Argo already operates vehicles in Pittsburgh, Palo Alto, Miami and Washington DC.