WATCH | This bulldozer crushing a Ferrari 360 Spider will make you cringe

Misdeclared Italian exotic meets its fate under the tracks of an earth-moving megalith

24 July 2019 - 11:25 By Motoring Reporter

Sneakily importing cars into the Philippines can end in tears – and the sickening sound of hardened steel shredding aluminium – if the correct protocol is not followed.

As a "warning to smugglers and tax-dodgers" the local government didn't hesitate in crushing this second-hand Ferrari 360 Spider that had, according to a report on Gulf News Asia, been "wrongly declared as auto parts, to avoid payment of the right taxes" when it entered the country back in May.

Consequently the bulldozer was brought out and the Ferrari quickly crushed into a sad and ugly wreck of its former sports car self. 

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