A big celebration as the 10 millionth Mini rolls off the production line

As the company celebrates its 60-year anniversary, Mini's 10 millionth unit rolled off the assembly line in Oxford

12 August 2019 - 17:39 By AFP Relaxnews
Mini celebrates 60 years.
Mini celebrates 60 years.
Image: Supplied

On Friday, Mini announced that not only are they celebrating the production of their 10 millionth unit – which received a special one-of-a-kind "landmark car" trim – but also their 60-year anniversary. To commemorate their existence and success since 1959, Mini contacted the owners of 60 vehicles, one from each year of production, to document the experiences each person shared with their Mini.

Each person and their car were brought to Mini's assembly facility in Oxford on Friday to celebrate the company's anniversary and to attend the International Mini Meeting, a festival held in Bristol for Mini enthusiasts. All vehicles were led there by the very first Mini built – a 1959 Mini Minor known as the 621 AOK, from its registration number.

This milestone happens just before the company will begin the production of the Mini Electric at its Plant Oxford in November, a milestone representing "the beginning of a new era for the brand."

Until then, Plant Oxford will continue producing the Mini Hatch and Clubman. Daily output reaches about 1,000 units, hundreds of which will soon be electric.