Alpine to embrace electrification

30 September 2019 - 16:37 By AFP Relaxnews
Alpine's A110 model in its Pure and Légende versions.
Alpine's A110 model in its Pure and Légende versions.
Image: Supplied

It's only a matter of time until Alpine starts work on a hybrid model, according to comments by Groupe Renault's executive vice-president for sales and regions, Olivier Murguet, in the British publication Auto Express.

Alpine will inevitably join the all-electric revolution. According to Murguet, "electrification will be massive".

He told the publication "[they] have to intensify electrification. Alpine cannot escape," and went on to cite the latest Ferrari as an example of somewhat unlikely vehicles to have taken a turn towards greener pastures.

Whether equipped with thermal, hybrid or electric engines, future Alpine models will nonetheless have to maintain the brand's DNA, which is synonymous with performance, agility and sportiness.

For the time being, the release date of the first hybrid model has not been made public. We do know, however, that an SUV is currently being considered at Alpine for a possible 2022 release.

As of now, Alpine's sole model, the A110, comes in three versions: Pure, Légende and S, the latter of which, the A110S, is equipped with a 1.8-litre, 218kW turbocharged engine, whereas the other two models reach 188kW.