Toyota TRD division to resurrect 90s Supra 3000GT for SEMA 2019

22 October 2019 - 15:55 By AFP Relaxnews
TRD is teasing a new concept based on the 1994 Supra 3000GT.
TRD is teasing a new concept based on the 1994 Supra 3000GT.
Image: Supplied

Twenty-five years after the 1994 Supra 3000GT launched as a limited-run, racecar-inspired model, Toyota and TRD announced on Sunday that the car is being resurrected as a concept based on the new A90 Supra.

Ahead of its 2019 SEMA Show premiere, Toyota's in-house tuning division TRD announced that the Supra 3000GT of the 90s is making a comeback as a concept model based on the recently launched Supra A90.

To hype Supra enthusiasts, the company published a series of teaser images and sketches of the upcoming concept. Some of the most prominent features of the 1994 rendition - including the characteristic vented hood and enormous spoiler - have been visibly redesigned for 2019.

Apart from shadowed images, no specs have been revealed about the model nor its likelihood of being offered to the public in the future. Considering that the original car was inspired by racecars of the 90's, this will likely carry a pretty powerful combustion engine.

The Toyota Supra 3000GT will be officially unveiled on November 5 at SEMA 2019 in Las Vegas.