Audi dresses up its Q3 for Halloween

31 October 2019 - 17:58 By AFP Relaxnews
Audi turns the Q3 SUV into a unicorn for Halloween.
Audi turns the Q3 SUV into a unicorn for Halloween.
Image: Supplied

To celebrate Halloween as well as one of its most popular social media posts, Audi made the Audicorn a reality; on Wednesday, the unicorn-disguised Q3 SUV made its way around the Washington, D.C. area handing out sweets to partygoers.

Back in September, Audi published an image of the elusive “Audicorn” — a Q3 SUV with a golden unicorn horn jutting out from the windshield — on its various social media accounts.

The image, which was created in collaboration with Gentleman Scholar to reach millennial customers, drew the attention of young Facebook and Instagram users alike. It was among the company's most popular posts, and one of the most-shared stories on Audi's Instagram.

Now Audi has decided to bring this horned Q3 — dubbed the “Qnicorn” by fans — to life, just in time for Halloween.

The real-life version of the Audicorn has been styled to look almost exactly like the digital iteration, thanks to a custom-made three-foot (about 1m) gold horn, a glitter paint finish and a pearlescent vinyl wrap. The ambient light was set to purple to bring the mythical aesthetic of the unicorn Q3 to the inside as well.

The Audicorn pranced around various Washington, D.C. neighbourhoods popular with millennials on Wednesday, handing out sweets to those already celebrating Halloween.