Kawasaki confirms electric motorcycle is in the works

07 November 2019 - 11:29 By AFP Relaxnews
The logo of Japanese motorbike manufacturer Kawasaki.
The logo of Japanese motorbike manufacturer Kawasaki.
Image: Chesnot/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Kawasaki confirmed that the brand is joining the EV (electric vehicle) revolution.

Following in the footsteps of Harley Davidson, Kawaski announced that an electric motorcycle, albeit a concept model, is in development.

In a video demonstrating the speed of the bike, the company's innovation senior manager, Yoshimoto Matsuda, said the motorcycle is equipped with a next-generation power unit which has been in the works since the turn of the century. Like its engine-powered bikes, the electric iteration has been designed in accordance with the company's Rideology philosophy, meaning it will be fun to ride.

Of the few specs revealed by the company, it has been confirmed that the motorcycle will have a manual transmission, “performance on par with a mid-size displacement model” and a 100km range. Matsuda said Kawasaki has been patenting technologies for electric bikes over the years, like a thumb brake-activated energy recovery system, but did not confirm whether such components will be present on the concept.

In any case, this concept basically functions as a preliminary version of upcoming production models, which will doubtlessly incorporate some of these elements.