Intelligent climate control system for Golf 8

Volkswagen's new smart air conditioning system reacts to someone saying 'I'm cold'

17 January 2020 - 16:46 By AFP Relax/news
Volkswagen's new smart air-conditioning system reacts to someone saying 'I'm cold'.
Volkswagen's new smart air-conditioning system reacts to someone saying 'I'm cold'.

Volkswagen has developed two answers to those brief scenarios during which some vehicle passengers are cold, and others are warm: The Air Care Climatronic and the Smart Climate tool.

The redesigned air-conditioning system, which comes with the Smart Climate menu natively integrated, can activate preconfigured temperature settings in response to statements like “warm feet”, “clear view”, or “I'm cold”. These settings can also be set to the touchslider found on the central console.

Five specific scenarios have been identified by the company as happening most frequently and have therefore been automatically included in the Smart Climate menu; “Clear view” demists the windows, “Warm feet” sends warm air to the footwell, “Warm hands” sends warm air through the air vents in the dash, “Cool feet” send cool air to the footwell, and “Fresh air” sends a cool breeze through the interior of the vehicle. Each of these settings only activates temporarily when prompted before the system resets itself to the previously active climate settings.

Complementing this menu is the ability of the Air Care Climatronic to respond to individuals' temperature requests and alter them only in said person's area; if the passenger says, “I'm cold,” and the temperature in their half of the vehicle will be adjusted accordingly. Additionally, the system will react to statements including “There's a draught” or “It's stuffy”.

 The Air Care Climatronic and its complementary Smart Climate menu are currently available only in the latest Golf.