WATCH | Brazen BMW driver caught spinning on N3 highway

14 September 2021 - 15:28 By Motoring Reporter

Social media has been atwitter since video footage of what appears to be a blue BMW M3 spinning on public roads went viral late last week.

What makes this case particularly alarming is the fact that the driver of the BMW is seen spinning in the middle of the N3 highway in Johannesburg. Spinning on any public street is a bad idea, but engaging in the activity on a freeway is, for obvious reasons, particularly dangerous due to higher traffic volumes and vehicle speed.  

Soon after this video appeared another clip surfaced in which a nearly identical BMW M3 of the same colour is seen spinning and speeding down a busy suburban main street in broad daylight. Whether or not this is the same vehicle is at this stage unknown. 

According to a report published on News24, the Johannesburg metro police department confirmed it is investigating both incidents. If apprehended the driver of the BMW will be arrested and face charges of both reckless and negligent driving.