REVIEW | The 2019 Ford Kuga 2.0 ST Line is worth its thirst for fuel

As thirsty as it may be Kabelo Chabalala is still left smitten by the style and performance offered by this new range-topping Kuga model

18 July 2019 - 15:01 By Kabelo Chabalala
The sporty Ford Kuga 2.0 ST Line
The sporty Ford Kuga 2.0 ST Line
Image: Supplied

I was at Brooklyn Mall in Pretoria minding my own business when I was saw three Ford cars on display. They were the Ranger, Fiesta and the third car looked unusual to me. It was more macho, daring and sporty. It was the ST-Line badge on the side that begged for my attention. Excuse my ignorance, but I didn't know that the Kuga had an ST offering. And I was spot on, it was new to the range. 

I promptly sent the Sowetan motoring editor, Brenwin Naidu, a voice note about what I had just witnessed.

Little did I know, he had the car lined up for review in this publication. Hours later, he asked me if I would be keen to test drive the car. You could guess my response to this.

Hopping in, the first thing I noticed was its spaciousness. My 1.89m-tall structure was comfortable in the driver's seat with enough overhead space.

The second thing I took note of was the CD player. I was chuffed. Even though the 4th industrial revolution (4IR) is here, I still prefer a lot of things from the 2nd and 3rd industrial revolutions. The CDs I usually use for road trips were starting to gather dust and this was a perfect way to put them to good use.

The interior of the Ford Kuga ST Line
The interior of the Ford Kuga ST Line
Image: Supplied

The car accommodates both old and new school people. It has two USB ports, and an effortless Bluetooth connection. Whether you have data or not, you will not get stuck in no-man’s land. Because the built-in navigation system with a 3D display will ensure that you find your destination. 

I set up a few appointments in the North West. According to a housemate, the Kuga cast upon me the appearance of a man who was about to change the world. Rustenburg was calling.

After covering just over 100km, the tank was approaching the half mark – having set off from full. Mind you, I was driving steady at the 120km/h limit. I remembered that fuel in America is cheap and affordable, so they generally don't have “gas” issues. However, the same doesn't apply in South Africa where a litre of ULP95 is about R16.76 in Gauteng.

The frequenting of the fuel station happened more than I would have loved it to.

But it was something to be expected given the output from its 2.0-litre, turbocharged engine: 177kW and 340Nm via a six-speed automatic.

Still, the comfort and performance offered by the Kuga made me forget about all damage fuel was doing on my wallet. The aura it gave me was memorable and quite distinctive. If owning one means I would feel that way daily, then the car is worth every cent (R548,500) and litre spent on it. 


  • Kabelo Chabalala is a columnist for the Sowetan newspaper and founder of the Young Men Movement (YMM).

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