Now SABC bans DA radio ads

13 April 2014 - 02:59 By Quintal Mtyala
SABC headquarters in Auckland Park. File photo.
SABC headquarters in Auckland Park. File photo.
Image: Reuben Goldberg

The DA and the SABC are embroiled in a new feud after the public broadcaster also banned the opposition party's radio adverts.

Yesterday, as DA leader Helen Zille and her supporters held a protest against the SABC's decision not to air the party's Ayisafani (it is no longer the same) television commercial, they found out that Auckland Park bosses had banned a similar radio campaign.

The campaign is part of the DA's strategy to convince ANC voters that the ruling party led by president Jacob Zuma is no longer the same as the one that was led by the late president Nelson Mandela and his successor, Thabo Mbeki.

The SABC said that none of the ads would be aired on its platforms because they incited violence against the police.

The DA has appealed to the Independent Communications Authority, which is expected to rule on the matter by tomorrow, said DA spokesman Geordin Hill-Lewis. It has hinted at legal action should it be unsuccessful.