Fugitive Bobroffs living large in Australia on 'fleeced RAF funds'

29 July 2018 - 00:00 By GRAEME HOSKEN
Ronald Bobroff fled to Australia in March 2016.
Ronald Bobroff fled to Australia in March 2016.

A wealthy lawyer and his son who allegedly fleeced Road Accident Fund victims out of millions of rands are living it up in Australia, despite international arrest warrants issued for them.

Ronald Bobroff and his son, Darren, live in upmarket homes in the Sydney suburb of St Ives, with Darren’s house estimated at R25-million. 

The Bobroffs fled to Australia in March 2016, days before they were to hand themselves over to the Hawks to be arrested. 

Shortly afterwards, Interpol issued Red Notices for their arrests.

Their victims, who suffered life-changing injuries in car crashes, lodged complaints against Bobroff alleging he had conned them by charging exorbitant contingency fees.

Yasmin Motara, who lost her job after her accident in 2009, said that in March the Bobroffs convinced her to sign an agreement that she would not pursue legal action against them if she received the rest of her money.

“I got a R6.5-million payout from the RAF in 2015. I discovered the Bobroffs should only have received R400,000 for their legal fees, but they took R1.2-million.

“Just after I launched my legal challenge they fled to Australia. It took a year to get an additional R180,000 out of them, which they only agreed to pay if I didn’t pursue them legally any further. I signed it because I was financially desperate.”

Ronald told the Sunday Times: “We defended our clients with diligence. We gave our lives to the public interest. We have never done a client in by a cent,” he said.

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