Gigaba quotes that set Twitter on fire

05 November 2018 - 13:26 By Ntokozo Miya
Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba continues to trend on social media after an eventful week.
Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba continues to trend on social media after an eventful week.
Image: Esa Alexander

Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba did lengthy interviews with various media houses over the weekend in a bid to have his side of the story heard after a bad week at the office.

Last week, Nicky Oppenheimer called the minister a liar, insisting that Gigaba had given approval for the operation of the FireBlade VVIP airport terminal. The minister continues to deny this. 

Prior to that, the minister's sex tape, which he says was intended for his wife, was leaked and went viral. 

Gigaba spoke to eNCA and the SABC about the Constitutional Court ruling which dismissed his appeal against a lower court decision that he lied under oath in the Fireblade case. While he would not be drawn on specific around pending legal processes, he certainly did not mince his words on other issues.

"Daily" phone hackings

Responding eNCA's question about his ability to adequately manage his private life after his phone was hacked and private material leaked, Gigaba said "when somebody hacks your phone, are you failing to manage your private lifestyle."

The minister insisted that he was a target of relentless hacking. "My phone is a subject of hackings almost on a daily basis. I have to keep changing my passwords on my phone and my emails."

"Who's lying: you or Oppenheimer?"

This was one of the questions journalist Samkele Maseko asked Gigaba.

Eventually the minister replied with a firm denial.

"No, I did not lie under oath. It is not for me to determine, Samkelo, who lied under oath.

Ever since Nicky Oppenheimer accused Gigaba of lying in the FireBlade airport terminal matter, social media has been divided on the topic.

Gigaba won't go down without a fight

One thing Gigaba is very clear on is where he stands on submitting a voluntary resignation letter.

"I'm not going to do that. Anybody who wishes to remove me from the public space, they must think again."

Back to the sex video

Gigaba defended the existence of a sex video he claims he made for his wife.

"I have a right to be as romantic as I want with my wife. She's my wife. I paid lobola. I married her in broad daylight." 

Though some have echoed the call for Gigaba to resign, support has also poured in on social media. Gigaba, who had been mum on social media, tweeted his thanks.

"Thank you very much for the flood of messages of support Comrades and Compatriots."