PODCAST | Did Sedgefield’s 'hammer murderer' snatch a Norwegian tourist?

True Crime SA

01 November 2019 - 11:04
By Nicole Engelbrecht

Fifty-one-year-old Sedgefield resident Sean Kelly was recently remanded to a state psychiatric facility after being found unfit to stand trial for murder. Kelly is accused of bludgeoning 67-year-old Noreen Hampson to death in February. When Kelly appeared in court, he launched into a rambling monologue about nefarious activities that he said were happening in Sedgefield, in the Western Cape, and referred to the case of a missing Norwegian tourist, though not by name.

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Image: The Pink Ladies organisation helps search for missing children.

Twenty-one-year-old Marie Ostbo was on holiday in SA in April 2018 when she disappeared without a trace. Despite Kelly’s clearly unstable state of mind, Marie’s father has stated that he believes the accused looks similar to a man in one of the last photographs taken by his daughter before her disappearance.

In this week’s Spotlight minisode, True Crime SA discusses the possibility that Kelly is linked to this mysterious disappearance.

Also in this week’s minisode, we update our listeners on SA accused murderer in Alaska Brian Smith and discuss progress made in the search for missing eight-year-old Amahle Thabethe.

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