A wrap of all the chaos as Zuma, stage 6 load-shedding & Ramaphosa trend

11 December 2019 - 07:28 By Cebelihle Bhengu
Eskom is load shedding.
Eskom is load shedding.
Image: 123RF/rasslava

As SA is plunged into darkness, social media is up in arms as Mzansi looks for answers. Twitter has had lots to say about President Cyril Ramaphosa, former president Jacob Zuma and load-shedding.

Here's a wrap and an update from Eskom.

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Eskom announced it would be imposing power cuts on Thursday, due to constraints which resulted in a breakdown. At the time, the power utility said unplanned breakdowns were at 12,300MW.

This quickly escalated to the highest load-shedding stage ever implemented, stage 6. Eskom announced this on Monday, but said โ€œit was no cause for alarm.โ€ 

It attributed stage 6 to heavy rains and breakdowns at Medupi power station. This saw South Africans endure longer blackouts more often. On Tuesday afternoon, Eskom downgraded power cuts to stage 2.

Jacob Zuma's promise

Since the unprecedented power cuts, South Africans have looked to Zuma for answers. 

A clip of the former president saying Mzansi would never be load-shed again went viral as those on social media sought answers.

The situation quickly got messy, with opinions on whether Zuma was to blame for load-shedding.

Is Ramaphosa 'fixing' the mess?

President Ramaphosa has faced some hard questions regarding his plan to deal with the crisis at Eskom.

On Tuesday, he cut short a two-day trip to Egypt amid public outcry that he must attend to the Eskom crisis, TimesLIVE reported.