Liberian prostitute kills eight soldiers via Ebola transmission

08 October 2014 - 15:37 By Times LIVE
Image: Gallo Images/ Thinkstock

A soldier who slept with a Liberian sex worker apparently contracted the Ebola disease and spread it to seven other soldiers whom he shared the same barracks with.

According to the Liberian Observer, a sex worker visited soldier Floson Louise at his army barracks in Liberia.

“When she slept at the EBK (barracks), it was thereafter the soldiers contracted the disease, and could not survive despite “intensive treatment” at the various Ebola Treatment Units in Monrovia,” a source told the Observer.

The sex worker was suffering from Ebola and passed the deadly disease to the soldier who unknowingly spread it to seven other soldiers. The Observer further reports that the army barracks are being decongested to ease the spread of the disease.