Zambia arrests opposition leader after his son allegedly shoots pregnant lover, cuts off her head

25 January 2016 - 15:52 By Agency Staff
Image: Gallo/Thinkstock

Former Zambian defence minister, George Mpombo, was arrested on Friday for failing to secure his gun used by his 17-year-old son to shoot his lover to death over her pregnancy, reports the Post.

Mpombo, who currently holds the title of president for the opposition People's Democratic Party (PDP), was given a warning at the Ndola Central Police Station before being released.

Ndola police spokesperson Charity Munganga-Chanda confirmed that three suspects in total had been arrested.

Mpombo's son, upon hearing that his girlfriend was pregnant, allegedly went home to fetch his dad's gun and shot her.

"It is alleged that after shooting her, he cut off the girl's head, which he concealed in a plastic bag before dumping it, while he buried her body in Chiwala area in Masaiti. So the boy has been charged with murder and will appear in court soon," Chanda said.

Police believed the girl had been impregnated by Mpombo's son.

Copperbelt Province police commissioner Charity Katanga reported that the girl was beheaded.

The tragic event came just six months after Mpombo’s decision to return to politics after observing the Southern nation's current political climate.

According to Zambia reports, he described the current situation in the country as "bad as incubating a boil which can burst with severe consequences".

Source: News24