Gay Tunisian man jailed after going to police over robbery

12 February 2019 - 12:41
Image: iStock

A Tunisian homosexual who went to police to report he had been robbed has himself ended up with a six-month jail term, a court and activists said Monday.

The man, aged 26, set up a rendezvous using Facebook, said the Shams group that defends homosexuals in Tunisia, where gay sex is illegal.

He turned up at the agreed venue only to be confronted by two men who raped and robbed him, the man told Shams.

After reporting the robbery to the police, a magistrate ordered he undergo an anal test to determine if he had homosexual relations in the past.

A court in Sfax, eastern Tunisia, sentenced the man to serve six months in jail for sodomy and an additional two months for filing false charges, ruling that the man had rowed after having had sex.

Two other men were each jailed for six months for sodomy, six weeks for theft and two weeks for violent behaviour.

Sentencing of homosexuals has been on the rise in Tunisia, with 127 jail terms in 2018, up from 79 the previous year and 56 in 2016, according to Shams.