Premature ending for Gautrain's orgasm ad

17 August 2017 - 09:44 By Dave Chambers
Inside the Gautrain.
Inside the Gautrain.
Image: Pearl Boshomane

The Gautrain’s tunnels of love have come to a sticky end.

Gauteng’s high-speed rail service has agreed to scrap one of its radio ads after listener Johan Barlow complained that it implied an orgasm.

The ad‚ which Barlow heard on 94.7FM‚ featured a man telling his lover: “Tonight is your night baby‚ I’m going to rock your world.”

Audibly excited‚ the woman replied: “Oh Freddie‚ let’s do it now”‚ and he continued: “Yah! I know what you want‚ I know what you ne-eeed! … Oops.”

Then a voiceover said: “Don’t know if you’re coming or going? Get used to more speed than you can handle on Gautrain‚ of course. We’re eight times faster than rush-hour traffic. Forget the strain‚ ride the Gautrain.”

Barlow told the Advertising Standards Authority the ad was inappropriate for children.

Gautrain responded that it was intended to make a humorous appeal to an adult audience‚ with no malicious intent or objective. It was flighted only in the late afternoons‚ after the typical afternoon school rush‚ and at the request of the ASA it had been withdrawn.

“[Gautrain] also tendered a sincere apology to the complainant for any discomfort he may have experienced‚” said the ASA directorate.