ACGL Uni and USSA Esports Challenge announced

02 June 2021 - 11:20 By Wessel Minnie
From Casual to Pro Gamers, Schools to Universities, Local to Global Brands, ACGL has something for you!
From Casual to Pro Gamers, Schools to Universities, Local to Global Brands, ACGL has something for you!
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South African tournament organizer African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL) announced an amazing initiative for local universities and students this week. To coincide with the launch of ACGL Uni, the tournament organizer also revealed the USSA Esports Challenge for 2021, which will run over a period of four months from July to October this year. Here's what you need to know about both these announcements.

ACGL Uni announced

The goal of ACGL Uni is to make esports easy for students. ACGL Uni operates varsity-level leagues and tournaments for all South African universities in some of the most esports popular titles in the world.

ACGL explains what the initiative is about:

"Our platform handles practice and scheduling, while you focus on your gameplay and team. We are dedicated to providing an optimal, painless esports experience. We offer plans to suit the wide-ranging needs of each school. Competitive gameplay, the most popular titles, and a full suite of features, ACGL Uni is where university esports lives."

Universities can start their programs for free, and there's also an all-access Leagues plan for competitive university esports. Check out the two potions and their respective highlights below.

ACGL Uni - Free

  • Access to free competitions
  • Unlimited scrims
  • Limited to 2 Faculty and 20 Students

ACGL Uni - Leagues

  • Access to all competitions
  • Access to ACGL Varsity Leagues
  • Unlocks inter-varsity tournaments
  • Unlimited users

Check out the ACGL Uni page for more details.

USSA Esports Challenge

University Sport South Africa supported by the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (DSAC) has launched a University Esports Challenge via the ACGL Uni platform. The University Esports Challenge will be for the benefit of all USSA member institutions. It will run for a period of four months, from July to October 2021.

The universities will be facing off in FIFA 21, Clash Royale, and League of Legends in four series to crown the winning university of 2021. The FIFA 21 tournament series will be played on PS4, while the Clash Royale tournaments are 1v1 on mobile, and the League of Legends is 1v1 on PC.

The top players from each university will represent their institution in the USSA Esports Challenge. This will all culminate in a championship trophy final in October 2021.

A USSA spokesperson explains via a Press Release:

"We therefore want to thank the Ministry of DSAC, the USSA Esports Executive Committee, and the USSA Member Institution for their continued support. The competition will be managed through the African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL) whom have partnered with USSA since 2019 for the delivery of The USSA Esports Challenge."

Check out the Press Release about the USSA Esports Challenge, as well as the series' landing page over on ACGL.

You can keep up to date with all their announcements by following ACGL on Twitter and Facebook, as well as joining their Discord server.