Incredible Connection Fortnite tournament with R50,000 prize pool

30 June 2021 - 09:34 By Wessel Minnie
Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017.
Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017.
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We've got some exciting news to share for South African esports fans who happen to love playing Fortnite. There's a Fortnite tournament for local gamers with a total prize pool of R50,000 (in the form of MasterCard vouchers) coming your way in July, from Incredible Connection, in partnership with organizer GHME. Here's what we know so far.

Incredible Connection Fortnite tournament

First of all, registration to this huge new tournament is completely free. All you need to do is sign up via the tournament's official page on the Incredible Connection website. Signup can be completed by filling out the registration form.

The prize pool of R50,000 is in the form of MasterCard vouchers. The distribution is:

First Place – R15,000
Second Place – R10,000
Third Place – R8,000
Fourth Place – R6,000
Fifth Place – R4,500
Sixth Place – R3,000
Seventh Place – R2,000
Eighth Place – R1,500

This is a Solos tournament, so you don't even need a team to enter. The tournament is cross-platform and is open to everyone; 13 years & above. The game mode for the tournament will be: Arena Battle Royale mode.

This is an online event. The Incredible Connection Fortnite tournament is scheduled to take place from 6 to 7 August 2021, starting from 8 PM onwards. You can head to the registration page to find out more.

The registration page for the tournament shows the following point distribution for the matches.

Reach Top 50: 10 points
Reach Top 35: 10 points
Reach Top 30: 10 points
Reach Top 25: 15 points
Reach Top 20: 10 points
Reach Top 15: 10 points
Reach Top 10: 15 points
Reach Top 5: 15 points
Reach Top 3: 10 points
Reach Top 2: 25 points
Victory Royale: 50 points
Each Elimination: 3 points

If you love playing Fortnite, then you should probably consider signing up for the Incredible Connection Fortnite tournament. Remember to check out the rules and regulations via the tournament’s official page.

Please note: This article has been updated to reflect new information provided by Incredible Connection.