Homeopaths flush remedies down toilet to heal oceans

25 November 2014 - 12:47
By Times LIVE
A toilet. File photo.
Image: Thinkstock A toilet. File photo.

Some homeopaths apparently flushed their remedies down their toilets last week - in order to heal the oceans.

According to the Quackometer, British homeopath, Grace DaSilva-Hill spearheaded a call to other homeopaths to drop some of their remedies into the sea last Friday.

"If you live close to a river, that can be done too, or even just send the remedy down the toilet wherever you happen to be," DaSilva-Hill wrote in the letter.

Which is to say that sceptics and homeopaths agree on something, albeit for different reasons.

DaSilva-Hill is a well known homeopath in the UK, and the director of the Ghana Homeopathy Project - an organisation dedicated to exporting European quackery to West Africa.

A group of homoepaths recently tried to get into West Africa in a bid to apply their treatments to Ebola patients - only for the actual doctors in the WHO, who know actual medicine, to not let them near anybody who was actually sick.

The homeopaths were very offended.

Homeopathy essentially works on the belief that if you dilute a substance enough, it will eventually hit the point where it has the opposite effect.

This means that in general, homeopathic solutions are basically just water or sugar pills - with little to none of their active ingredients in them.

While flushing them down the toilet probably wouldn't do anything any harm, you could probably achieve much the same by just flushing your toilet. It is the same stuff.