No more spam calls and SMSs with the Truecaller app

20 June 2017 - 16:20

Have you ever received an unknown spam call or SMS and wondered who it is? The chances are high. Africans can now identify who is calling and messaging them with an app called Truecaller. 

More than 250-million people around the world are using Truecaller, and the app already identifies more than 8.5-million spam calls per month in South Africa.

Truecaller is committed to providing a safe and efficient experience for millions of mobile phone users who have become increasingly frustrated by the growing problem of spam calls and text messages from unknown users. The app helps you connect with the people who matter, in the way you want to communicate, while avoiding calls and texts from those who don’t.

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SMSing accounts for the majority of messages sent globally, and represents about 8-trillion messages per year. The popularity of SMSing, an open network of communication, has led to an increase in commercial and marketing messages. These spam SMS account for 15% of all SMSs sent globally – a total of 1.2-trillion spam messages each year.

This is where Truecaller becomes a necessity in today’s communication arena, leading the way to an organised inbox where you can always put a name to a number, and block and filter spam SMSs seamlessly. 

With the Truecaller app, you can:

  • see caller IDs – know who’s calling you even if you don’t have their number in your phonebook;
  • block calls and SMSs – block and report spam callers and messages so other users can avoid them too;
  • use flash messaging – avoid calling or writing a full text message like “I am on my way” or sharing your location;
  • look up numbers and names – search for any number, local or across the world, to see who it belongs to; and
  • ask to call back – a notification is sent to the receiver informing them to call back the number or person.

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