You'll never guess what historians found in the bum of this Jesus statue

05 December 2017 - 13:03 By TimesLIVE

A time capsule was found while restoring a statue of Jesus in Miserere.

The last thing Spanish historians expected to find when they started restoring an 18th century statue of Jesus Christ was a makeshift time capsule -  in the statue's buttocks.

According to National Geographic, when the Da Vinci Restauro started work on restoring the centuries old statue that hung in the church of St. Águeda in northern Spain, they discovered its hollow bottom. Inside, they discovered two 240-year-old handwritten letters.

Signed by Joaquín Mínguez, a chaplain from the Burgo de Osma cathedral, in the letters he paints a pictured of the day-to-day life of the region as well as the political situation in Spain at the time.