WATCH | Cobra versus one tough monitor lizard

10 July 2018 - 12:02 By TimesLIVE

This monitor lizard just wouldn't give up as it dragged a snouted cobra that had bitten it over the road in the Kruger National Park. 

Helen Young caught this footage of the battle between a giant lizard and the hungry snake between Shingwedzi camp and Letaba, and shared it with Latest Sightings

The snouted cobra may not be the most aggressive snake, but it is considered highly dangerous because of its powerful venom. The snake's venom is both neurotoxic and cytoxic, meaning it attacks both the nerves and the cells of its victims.

According to the African Snake Bite Institute, the snake "feeds on rodents, birds, their eggs and especially toads, but is fond of eating snakes, including the Puff Adder".

But the lizard, even after being repeatedly bitten by the serpent, was not going to go down easy.

Despite multiple bite wounds and being covered in venom, the lizard managed to escape the snake's jaws more than once, and make a bid for a swift exit. Sadly, as tenacious as the lizard was, so was the snake, which repeatedly caught it.

Eventually the battle ended under Young's car, until another motorist sped past, spooking the snake. The lizard lay there motionless apart from the odd flick of its tongue.

"I suspect it became road kill but at least it should have fed something in the end,” Young told Latest Sightings.