WATCH | What would you do if the Kruger's 'biggest' pride of lions came right at you?

28 August 2018 - 13:47
By times live

What would you do if a pride of 15 lions came towards you?

Whip out your camera, of course. That's exactly what tourists did when they spotted the Kruger National Park's 'biggest' pride of lions walking towards them. 

The tourists turned a corner and were surprised by "a whole lot of yellow things in the road," which they assumed were a herd of impala. When the objects got closer they were shocked to realises it was a pride of lions walking towards them.

Tourist Ram Goyel was mesmerised by his astonished to find that a white lion was among this pride.

Ram said: "We were just returning from the N'wanetsi Picnic spot and this beautiful sighting came along and greeted us. It was a quiet morning and there were no other cars at the time. It was sheer disbelief. At the end of it my family and I were jumping out of our skin."

"We were so lucky and thankful that the lions were walking towards us. I pulled over to the side and just let them come to us. My hand was shaking with exhilaration so the video is not perfectly still I'm afraid. The sighting ended a few minutes later when a few other cars showed up, and then pushed the lions off the road into the bushes," Ram said.