WATCH | Incredible storm surge animation is both beautiful and terrifying

17 September 2018 - 12:05 By Staff reporter
The Weather Channel's virtual reality studio.
Weather TV The Weather Channel's virtual reality studio.
Image: The Weather Channel via Twitter

A storm surge is a rise in sea level that occurs during tropical cyclones, intense storms also known as typhoons or hurricanes.

Using “immersive mixed reality technology,” the Weather Channel showed how fast water can become a powerfully destructive force.

In the video Meteorologist Erika Navarro warns, "once we get to that nine-foot range (2.7 meters), this is an absolute life-threatening scenario."

"If you find yourself here, please get out!"

The Washington Post reports videos like Navarro’s take green screen graphics and merge them with real-time, predictive data from agencies such as the US National Hurricane Center.

"The result is a virtual scenario that unfolds around a studio anchor, engulfing the set with terrifying realism but allowing the anchor to walk viewers through potential weather with newfound urgency."