5 times robots took over human tasks

09 November 2018 - 11:23 By Odwa Mjo
Humans vs robots: The future is AI.
Humans vs robots: The future is AI.
Image: YouTube

In the age of advanced technology and greater need for convenience, robots are taking over human activities.

Robots have been introduced over time to boost production in assembly lines and  advance innovation. The concern around the rise of robots is that they could be replacing the occupations and roles of many people. 

China's first English speaking artificial intelligence news anchor made its debut at the World Internet Conference in Wuhzen,China on November 8.

The AI robot was created jointly by the Xinhua news agency and Soguo.com, a Chinese search engine company.

Here are five robots who are taking over the human experience:

1. Pepper the funeral monk

The humanoid robot from SoftBank Robotic, is the world's first robot that is able to recognise faces and human emotions. Pepper interacts with people through a touch screen. The robot is also available in 15 languages.

Pepper was also programmed to officiate Buddhist funerals.

2. Harmony the sex robot 

It's no secret that people are constantly finding new ways to increase their sexual pleasure.

Created by Matt McMullen, the sex doll/robot named Harmony is likely to replace your sexual partner.

Harmony can speak and engage in sexual intercourse.

3. An extra pair of hands on site

Instead of fully taking over human tasks, the robot exoskeleton allows heavy duty workers to easily carry loads of materials.

The exoskeleton is a wearable suit that allows people to improve their mobility and strengthen their ability to perform daily tasks.

Wearable robots have become conducive to occupations that require heavy lifting
Wearable robots have become conducive to occupations that require heavy lifting
Image: zdnet.com

4. Meet Erica

Created by Hiroshi Ishiguro, Erica has a bigger personality and more interests than most people.

With a skin made of silicon, she is a semi-autonomous android.

Erica, however, is not fully mobile. According to The Guardian, Erica cannot move her legs and arms. Ishiguro told the Wall Street Journal that Erica would become a news anchor in 2018.

Erica the humanoid robot
Erica the humanoid robot
Image: YouTube

5. Tracy the Robot

This is a robot that gives advice and directions on airport protocol.

Stationed at the Sea-Tac airport in Seattle, Tracy helps passengers navigate their way through airport security.

According to Seattle Times, Tracy instructs passengers to remove scarves, jackets and belts to avoid security hassles.