China unveils AI news anchor, should humans be worried?

09 November 2018 - 10:32 By Ntokozo Miya

Xinhua AI anchor started presenting Chinese news reports on Thursday.

China is pushing boundaries with its advancements in technological research, the latest being the world's first artificial intelligence news anchor.

Dressed in the conventional dark suit, white shirt and tie combo synonymous with newsreaders, the digital anchor started presenting news reports on China's state news agency, Xinhua.

During the TV first on Thursday, the AI anchor introduced himself.

"Hello, you are watching English news program. I'm AI news anchor in Beijing."

His movements, voice and overall presentation mimic the style of real-life broadcasters. And he is not the only AI news anchor. Xinhua news agency also unveiled another AI news anchor, Qui Hao.

When the video of the historic broadcast spread on social media, the AI anchors' human counterparts and the public wondered if this spelled the end for news presenters as we know them.