Chinese-made sun will be six times hotter than Earth's sun

27 November 2018 - 06:00 By Odwa Mjo
The East artificial sun is six times hotter than Earth's star.
The East artificial sun is six times hotter than Earth's star.
Image: ©Iakov Kalinin/

Chinese scientists have designed an artificial sun that has the ability to heat up to 100-million degrees centigrade.

Scientists from Hefei Institutes of Physical Science introduced the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (East) early in November.

The artificial sun is six times hotter than Earth’s star, which has a temperature of 15mºC, according to Nasa.   

The East is part of China’s plan to develop tokamak-based fusion energy.

A tokamak, according to the world’s largest fusion experiment, Iter, is a machine that generates fusion energy.

The heat from the plant is used to produce steam, followed by electricity, which is created through turbines and generators. 

According to Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, the project includes four types of heating energy - lower hybrid wave, electron cyclotron wave, ion cyclotron resonance and neutral beam ion. 

Scientists believe the East produces the right minimum temperature needed to produce a self-sustaining nuclear fusion reaction on Earth, according to the World Economic Forum