New Honor 50 smartphone turns everyone into an instant video editor

This innovative device comes packed with easy-to-use video options that make it a cinch to become a TikTok star

10 December 2021 - 12:39
The Honor 50: three professional-grade cameras; six camera modes; nine functions.
The Honor 50: three professional-grade cameras; six camera modes; nine functions.
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TikTok has become the place to get inspired for short-form content. Between dance challenges, scene recreations and original stories, the ideas seem endless – yet people are deterred from creating the next viral vlog because they are intimidated by the idea of filming and editing video. 

The new Honor 50 smartphone makes the whole process easy by giving you all the tools you need to create fun and interesting videos in one simple take.     

So, whether you are capturing a relaxing stroll on the beach or enjoying an evening out with old friends and want to capture the moment, simply start shooting and let the Honor 50 do the rest, thanks to its “1-3-6-9” concept: “1” means one interface; “3” refers to three professional-grade cameras; “6” is the number of camera modes; and “9” is the number of functions. 

Unlike other smartphones that limit the number of vlogging options while increasing the complexity of the steps you have to take, the Honor 50 is a one-stop videography device.

A mode to suit every scenario

Inspiration can strike at any moment, which is why it’s so important for aspiring creators to have all the tools they need close at hand. When using the Honor 50, you’ll quickly realise the device has been designed to make life easier for the user. A quick tap on the camera icon on the home screen and a scroll to the multi-video button and then the split-screen icon is all you need to access the six multi-video modes.

From here, you get a quick view of what the different functions look like so you can easily select the mode most appropriate to your vlogging needs at that moment. Not sure if a specific mode is best for what you want to shoot? You can effortlessly switch between the modes while pausing and playing.

The modes use different combinations of the Honor 50’s front and rear cameras at the same time, so you can pick one and start vlogging immediately for any scenario. For example, if you’re shooting a quick video to show off a stunning location for a travel vlog, then the front-to-rear recording mode lets you shoot what you are seeing with the rear camera while the front lens films you.

Concerts are one of the most exhilarating events we can share with others. But trying to film your favourite musician on stage often leads to blurry images with a mix of close-up and wider-angle video that can be difficult to follow. Select the dual-view recording mode to shoot with both the rear main camera and the wide-angle camera at the same time.

The main camera has a 6X zoom while shooting, so not only will you get a great close-up shot but it will also be filmed in wide angle with no need to zoom in and out yourself. All you have to do is point the Honor 50 in the right direction.

A fun aspect of vlogging is that there are so many different ways to express creativity. With the picture in picture function, an unboxing becomes more interesting as viewers see the item removed from the box with your reaction on screen at the same time. Usually, you would need a separate camera to shoot the products while a second films you, but with the Honor 50 all this can be done at a press of a button.

Need to add some effects to your video or want to shoot a tutorial on an exercise? Then the fast-motion and slow-motion recording function lets you highlight different aspects in greater detail. This is made possible with a quick swipe on the Honor 50 and without the need for additional specialised cameras or editing software. No matter the scenario, you can switch between shooting in single and dual view at any time while recording.

Edit on the go 

Traditionally, the editing process comes after all the footage has been recorded. You would need to sit down and cut scenes based on the setting and story. It can be a long, time-consuming process that requires knowledge of editing. With the Honor 50, you can pause, change mode and record again all with a full suite of video editing tools. The smartphone even has a save-draft function: if you are not ready to finish your video, you can save the draft and do it later.

Sometimes you have an idea for a video but aren’t quite sure how to go about filming it. The Honor 50 makes it easy with nine story templates that include popular social videos such as makeup tutorials, exercise and travel, journeys of love, make-up, warm moments, exercise, dual-view, parties, visited, rhythm and classical. You just pick the template that best suits your needs, press record, start creating and post on TikTok. There is even the option to add built-in copyright-free music to your videos.

Thanks to the Honor 50, there is no need for standalone cameras, editing software or even experience in creating video content. It’s the easy, all-in-one solution that is packed with the latest camera and editing technology to get you creating and sharing fast. 

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