ANCYL tells Daily Sun to focus on tokoloshes

01 April 2011 - 13:16 By Times LIVE and Sapa

The African National Congress Youth League says it's pleased that "finally the Daily Sun has acceded to our demand and instruction that they render a front page apology and retraction of the story they published on Wednesday, the 30th of March 2011."

The youth league says: "The Daily Sun says on its 1st April edition that they are sorry for spreading lies, even after they were cautioned not to do so."

"Investigations should continue as to who exactly distorted the story and inserted those quotes, because the original article emailed from Matome Sebelemetsa to the African Eye News Service did not contain those quotes."

The ANC Youth League says it believes that someone in the AENS or The Star Newspaper seem to have created and inserted the quotations on the story and these newspapers should expose and take action against those who did so.

"Only an open forensic investigation will expose who the real culprits are."

"As for Daily Sun, we humbly advise their editorial team to continue focusing on reports of witch craft and tokoloshes, because reporting about politics will expose them to the humiliation they suffered of having to retract and apologise unreservedly on issues they could have avoided."

The Daily Sun became the second newspaper on Friday to apologise to ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema on its front page for misquoting him.

The Star newspaper apologised on Thursday, saying: "We quoted Malema as saying: 'Since he got into power, comrade Zuma has been surrounded by bad advisers'."

"We have been able to verify that Malema... had not referred to President Jacob Zuma."

"The Star regrets the error and unreservedly apologises to Malema for whatever embarrassment it caused."

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