Pretty, silly Miss SA wannabes

26 November 2012 - 02:30 By Andile Ndlovu
Tatum Keshwar
Tatum Keshwar

It is only a few days to go before the end of another season of the hilarious reality show Road to Miss SA on pay channel Mzansi Magic.

With the next beauty queen to be announced at Sun City on December 9, the show's penultimate episode was aired last night - with more side-splitting insights from would-be beauty queens.

Previous episodes have seen hopefuls being put through workshops, cocktail parties and fitness programmes.

There were complaints last year that the show embarrassed the girls, and that Sun International, the licence holder, was using them as a marketing tool to bring back the public's reverence for the competition.

Then the girls went on camera, giving clueless responses to even the simplest of questions - including ones about the country's Big Five, the provinces (Durban and Cape Town were once mentioned) and the deputy president.

One hopeful who, not surprisingly, never made it too far in the competition, answered when asked who the deputy president of South Africa was: "Jacob Zuma. Oh no, deputy. Well, uhm, you've gave (sic) me something to research about. So afterwards if you want I could give you the answer. I could look it up."

Two former beauty queens - 2006 winner Megan Coleman and 2008 winner Tatum Keshwar - were not amused.

Though this year's season has fewer episodes, it has not been lacking in entertainment.