Harnessing the power of modern armour

30 January 2013 - 02:01 By Andrea Nagel
Amber Jones
Amber Jones

As a trend executive for ladies wear at Mr Price and the creator of the inspirational Thunder In Our Hearts blog, Amber Jones has creativity coming out of her pores.

''I have always been fascinated by the power clothing has to change the way you feel about yourself," she says.

"It is modern day armour on some days, and on others a flamboyant outward expression of your personality."

She credits her studies in design as a way of learning how to harness that power.

Jones personalises her home work space by filling it with reminders of the people she adores and the wonderful experiences she's had.

''It's a bit of a shrine to my favourite people, places and memories."

Although she loves her space, Jones admits it would be fun to frequently give it a makeover.

"I love the idea of changing it every now and again - by painting the walls a new shade, moving everything around and updating it with a few new, exciting pieces."

The idea of modern, clean and minimal creative spaces appeals to Jones, ''but I could never sustain that level of order. My space is cluttered and scatty - like me",

You need to take just one look at Jones's beautiful blog and her funky seasonal ranges at Mr Price to recognise that she has a great eye.

''I'm inspired by books, photography, colour and travel, my job and the talented people I work with every day, and this all goes into creating my space. By far the best thing about it is the fact that I share it with my husband, Greg."

Visit Jones's blog at www.thunderinourhearts.com