Water droplet stamps issued for water conservancy awareness

20 March 2013 - 17:37 By Sapa
Edna Molewa. File picture.
Edna Molewa. File picture.

Water Minister Edna Molewa helped launch 60 000 sets of "little ambassadors" on Wednesday, each aimed at helping conserve South Africa's most precious resource.

Framed sets of five self-adhesive postage stamps - bearing the message "Water is life: Conserve, Respect and Enjoy it" - were presented to the minister by SA Post Office (SAPO) CEO Chris Hlekane at a first day of issue ceremony in Cape Town.

In what he says is a world first, each of the five stamps is in the shape of a water droplet. A total of 60 000 sets and 5 000 first day covers have been printed. Their release takes place two days ahead of international World Water Day.

According to the post office, the stamp launch "seeks to emphasise the message about the necessity for a mind shift in water use behaviour by all citizens".

Molewa said her department and the post office had pulled off an "amazing collaboration", and sent out a crucial message about the state of the country's water resources.

A large number of South Africans used the post office as their primary communication medium, she said.

SAPO hoped the peculiar shape of the stamps would attract attention and put water resources in the spotlight.

"To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time in the world a stamp has been issued in a water droplet format."

Hlekane said stamps were "South Africa's little ambassadors", and found their way across the country and around the world.