Sex novelist wants to 'free' women

17 April 2013 - 02:12 By ANDILE NDLOVU
Jade Zwane
Jade Zwane

If erotica novelist Jade Zwane's 50 Shades of Grey-esque debut, aDICKted, didn't leave people squirming, her upcoming seminar, at which she will teach "sex as a skill", sounds steamier.

Zwane is hosting Turn On Johannesburg, on May 4 at the Jackal Creek Golf Estate, north of Johannesburg, where she will teach her audience "about the things they're not aware of".

Zwane said: "One of the things we're going to be talking about is the three different orgasms women can experience - the clitoral, vaginal and full-body orgasm, which is mind-blowing."

There will be sex toy demos, an introduction to a new make-up brand for women, a Q&A session, and even a hot-seat session, where willing participants are put in front of the room and asked questions by the rest of the audience.

Bookings were slow, currently, admitted Zwane, but she would be happy with even two attendees.

"We have capacity for 180 people. I know I'm very ambitious but I'm also hopeful," she said.

"I will discuss what people want to discuss. I could stand there and preach about everything that I have learned about sex, but I want to discuss the things relevant to the crowd in the room."

She said she had attended a similar seminar abroad, where "the room would pack up [with laughter]", but it still "worked like a charm".

Now she wants to do the same, and "liberate, especially, the nation's women" because she doesn't believe that "anyone has experienced freedom until they have been sexually liberated".

Asked whether people were booking individually, or as friends, or if there were many couples looking to book, Zwane was unsure as bookings (R350 a seat) were done online.

The "sexpert" tag doesn't sit well with her. She said: "I have lots to learn, but I have also been prepared to learn a lot because my desire is to be educated.

"I explore a lot and I continue to learn, [but] I really don't believe in gurus and experts. I consider myself an educator."

Zwane said she was working on a third book, with the second already with the publishers. However, they would not be anything like her debut, she promised.

"The one with the publishers is a series of interviews with black women and their sexual experiences. It'll carry lots of nude pictures, but tastefully done."