GAME REVIEW: Injustice: Gods among us

15 May 2013 - 03:21 By Bruce Gorton

Injustice is surprisingly intelligent in ways you don't normally associate with capes and super-villains.





The story: The Joker blows up Metropolis and tricks Superman into killing Lois Lane. Superman becomes a dictator when The Joker is murdered. Batman remains the hero he was before the disaster, and takes on Superman.

This is a political plot - Superman is an alien who thinks he knows what humans need better than the humans do, and Batman is called an "insurgent" for not agreeing with him.

Furthermore, there is a bit of soul- searching, evoking interesting questions about 9/11 and how the response to it may have degraded the principles that once defined America - with increased militarism leading to moral decay.

Aesthetically the game is attractive, with bright colours and detailed backgrounds that bring the game to life.

As a fighting game, Injustice is similar to the last Mortal Komba t, with the additional ability to use the fighting arenas to take on your enemies.

For example, in the ruins of Wayne Manor you can run over your enemy with a motorcycle. You can also knock enemies into a fresh stage if you have already wrecked everything in the current stage, giving an extra dimension and varied feel to the fighting. That said, it is too loose at times, and having to pause half a second during a combo goes against your button- mashing instincts. It's very good, but not great as a fighting game.

The single player campaign is definitely a highlight and while very short (I finished it in two sittings), it treats its audience with a fair degree of respect, reminding us why we like each of the characters.


The story and the characterisation bring forward a great set of ideas and questions that aren't usually seen in video games.


The single player game is a bit short and left me wanting more.

RATING: 8/10

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