Black comedy at blue blood's birth

24 July 2013 - 02:30 By Poppy Louw
The tourist
The tourist

The son born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is many things - among them, he is the future king of Britain and Prince Charles's first grandchild.

His arrival has been the cause of a huge media frenzy - but one man might have stolen the show from the young prince.

Crowd reaction was used to add a bit of colour to the live broadcast of the announcement of the royal birth.

Sky News reporter Kay Burley found out just how much colour onlookers could provide when she sought comment from a tourist standing outside St Mary's Hospital in London.

Footage of the man's off-the-cuff quip received more than 75 000 hits on YouTube yesterday.

When asked about the announcement, the smiling man in the blue shirt said: "The news is a black boy."

After an awkward four-second silence, Burley swiftly moved on to the next well-wisher. Though some found the comment to be in bad taste, most laughed it off.

One Twitter user said: "This man telling Kay Burley the royal baby is black is 24-carat TV gold."

Social networks have been buzzing since Middleton was admitted to St Mary's Hospital early on Monday.

Seizing the moment, local comedian Trevor Noah tweeted: "It would be cool if a black baby came out of Kate Middleton. #Diversity."