Convicted Boeremag bid fans farewell on Facebook

31 October 2013 - 13:34
By Sapa

A convicted Boeremag member bid his friends and fans farewell on Facebook a few hours before the start of his 25-year jail term, according to a report on Thursday.

"Farewell my beloved friends and compatriots," Wilhelm Pretorius wrote on the social networking site on Tuesday evening, said Beeld.

He and his brother, Johan, received the harshest sentences this week when the 10-year Boeremag treason trial ended.

Pretorius has had access to the Internet for the past few years, but this will stop.

He wrote that the Boeremag members' sentencing was a punishment "to make examples of us so that it serves as a deterrent".

Several Facebook fans responded with messages of sympathy and support.

One wrote: "Do not lose faith, Boere warrior, you will walk out of there and you will become the leader which will one day lead our nation. I believe in that."