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01 November 2013 - 02:26 By Pearl Boshomane

Katy Perry: Prism

From the first verse on Katy Perry's Roar, the mega hit single and opening track on her new album, the listener knows what they are in for: catchy tunes with positive and cliche-ridden lyrics.

Perry's third album, Prism, follows her very public divorce from comedian Russell Brand (he dumped her via text), and the lyrics are more about self-discovery than self-pity. Perry is determined to move on, but not without a little help from lyrics about third eyes and karma.

If Eat, Pray, Love was an album, this would be it.

Perry sticks largely to her formula of high-energy, infectious songs, and the tracks are riddled with sexual innuendos. There are some catchy, punchy, power pop love songs (Perry's new man is John Mayer) about heaven and soulmates, and even a collaboration with rapper Juicy J (Dark Horse) that is sure to inspire some twerking.

Once again, Perry has made an album that will surely produce more No 1 hits. Take that, Russell Brand.