Fight fest at Carnival City tonight

27 February 2014 - 02:42 By Sbu Mjikeliso

The first Extreme Fighting Championship of the year presents a chance tonight for either Nkazimulo "Zulu Boy" Zulu or Charlie Weyer to claim the inaugural bantamweight title.

But Zulu, who has a karate background, reckons he has mixed the various forms of fighting into his artillery better than Weyer has, who is a strong boxer and wrestler.

Zulu is a soft-spoken apprentice mechanic at Lindsay Saker who never gets involved in street fights.

That is not what mixed martial arts is about, he said.

"I'm never angry. I'm always calm," said Zulu.

"If I receive a heavy blow which has done some damage, I must not lose my cool because that is going to result in me losing the fight. You must always stick to your plan and not be some sort of Goliath."

Zulu believes he has the edge on Weyer.

"I don't think Charlie's Muay Thai is going to be as good as mine," the 23-year-old said.

"My boxing is better, although his wrestling is good.

"I've countered that threat by training with wrestlers. His weaknesses will definitely be exposed when he's standing."

Thirteen bouts will open the EFC Africa season at Carnival City, east of Johannesburg, tonight, with the lightweight title also on the line.

Challenger Frederich Naumann is out to dispossess Leon Mynhardt of his lightweight belt in the main bout of the night.

Naumann, 30, is undefeated in four fights and Mynhardt, 30, comes into the fight with 14 wins and six losses.

"It will take a train to stop me," said Mynhardt in the build-up to the rumble, to which Naumann responded he would put the champion on his knees within two of the regulation five rounds.

Demarte Pena has added spice to the Zulu versus Weyer clash by relinquishing his featherweight belt and dropping down a division to contest the bantamweight title.

Preliminary bouts start at 4.15pm before the main fighters enter the cage at 8pm.