No bacon? Man gives Debonairs slice of his mind

27 February 2014 - 16:54 By Sapa
Pizza. File photo.
Pizza. File photo.
Image: Gallo Images/ Thinkstock

A Western Cape man has criticised a Debonairs television commercial as misleading because the pizza group's Sea Point, Cape Town, branch does not serve bacon.

The commercial is set inside a Debonairs kitchen where two new pizzas are on offer, a "succulent new spare rib and bacon" and a "lip-smacking chicken, pineapple and chutney with six free barbecue wings".

The closing scene features the Debonairs logo with the words: "Try something amazing, free delivery, order online at Terms & Conditions apply."

Vincent Jansen lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority, saying it was misleading as he could not get bacon at the outlet he went to.

The respondent, Famous Brands Management Company (Pty) Ltd, submitted that the complainant visited a halaal restaurant which was why he did not get bacon.

It said the majority of its outlets were not halaal, which was why it showed products most likely to be consumed in its franchise network. In halaal outlets the pork ingredients were substituted with non-pork equivalents, in this instance, macon.

Famous Brands argued that the commercial stated that terms and conditions applied.

"All halaal restaurants clearly display their halaal certification in-store, and explain on all point-of-sale material that meat substitution will apply," it said.

The company said the commercial would not be used again after February 21 and offered to provide Jansen with a list of all Debonairs outlets in his area that were not halaal.

"The ASA has a long standing principle which holds that where an advertiser provides an unequivocal undertaking to withdraw or amend its advertising in a manner that addresses the concerns raised, the undertaking may... be accepted without considering the merits of the matter," the authority said in its ruling on Tuesday.

"As the respondent's undertaking to no longer flight the commercial addresses the complainant's concerns, there is no need for the [ASA] directorate to consider the merits of the matter at this time."