Tinfoil ends wedded bliss

27 October 2014 - 02:10 By Bobby Jordan
Image: Gallo Images/Thinkstock

A Cape Town businessman is divorcing his wife of 13 years who became so fearful of radiation from cellphone towers and internet Wi-Fi that she plastered their windows with aluminium foil.

The couple, who have two minor children and cannot be identified, have been embroiled in a bitter legal dispute for over two years.

He is a director of an auditing firm and a consultant to the Western Cape provincial government.

She is a former businesswoman who claims to have been partially paralysed by "electromagnetic pollution".

Evidence before the court includes reports by experts on "electromagnetic pollution" and photographs said to show that the woman was physically abused.

According to a psychologist's report the marriage came under strain partly as a result of the wife's allegedly irrational behaviour.

The husband claimed such behaviour was evident from her "obsession" with electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity, which culminated in her use of metal foil to deflect cellphone and Wi-Fi radiation.

According to the report he was concerned that she "would harass the neighbours, as she could see if their Wi-Fi was on, including calling neighbours at 2am to tell them to put it off."

She also allegedly made their daughter "sleep with her head in a box covered in tinfoil and had put foil up on windows and put mirrors in particular positions, to deflect beams", the report said.

The 44-year-old wife this week confirmed that she had been diagnosed with "electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity" and claimed her husband was trying to use her condition to his advantage.

"It is scary to think that somebody can try to take me down based on my misfortune. It is like I am in a hole and he is standing on my head," she said.

The husband's lawyer, Caroline Dichmont, said her client had obtained a protection order against his wife after she allegedly gave him a black eye and damaged his ear. The wife has denied assaulting him.