KFC responds, Braamfontein store closed until further notice after washing chicken on floor

08 May 2015 - 17:09 By Bernice Maune

Full, uncooked chicken on a bare, filthy brown floor were seemingly washed down by KFC staff in two images which went viral recently.

The person who posted the images, Mfumo Bamazza received the pictures from an anonymous Johannesburg resident who photographed them from his Clifton Heights flats balcony in Braamfontein.

In the two images, men wearing red t-shirts and navy blue pants can be seen using a hose to stream large amounts of water onto the chicken which is laid bare on the floor. The uncooked poultry pieces are contained in buckets in one image with blood and water streaming down the ground. The background looks like a warehouse where KFC deliveries are stored.

Facebook/Mfumo Bamazza 

Bamuzza captioned the pic: "KFC Braamfontein comrades!!! This is how they wash your meat. On the ground!!!!! Photocred goes to a south point (Clifton Heights) resident. #knowwhatyoueat." He added he was a regular customer whose 'heart stopped' when he saw the images.

The pictures went viral and were shared over 2000 times.  KFC South Africa issued a short statement on Twitter saying: "We’re aware of the incident in Braamfontein & take the preparation of our food seriously. We’re currently investigating this further."

The store has been closed until further notice as KFC investigates.



The response to this tweet was mixed with several vowing to not set foot in that branch again while others connected the less than hygienic conditions outside the store to the incident.