'Chicken washing' KFC reopens as video of incident emerges

11 May 2015 - 12:02 By Bernice Maune

Footage of Braamfontein KFC staff washing down uncooked poultry has emerged after images went viral last week.


KFC South Africa's managing director, Doug Smart said in a statement that the chicken was not meant for human consumption and that the staff at the branch had breached protocol by discarding off it in that manner.

“Having looked into the circumstances at our Braamfontein store, we can confirm that this is an isolated incident involving this store only. This was chicken never intended for sale to customers and at no time was any customer at risk.

“However the way in which they handled the product to be disposed of definitely did not follow our procedures,” he said.

KFC also did damage control by posting statements on their social media accounts.

"The franchisee required the team to discard product before breading it to avoid breading (mixture of flour and our secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices) waste. The team had some waste that they had discarded with breading on it and they were washing it off to hide it from management.

We have strict processes in place, even when it comes to food disposal and will not tolerate our stores not following them. We have already dealt very firmly with the owner and responsible people involved," read the statement.

Meanwhile the Braamfontein branch has reopened and is operating as per usual.

Response to the re-opening of the KFC was varied.