Civic groups want arrests over Al-Bashir

22 July 2015 - 21:00 By Shaun Smillie
Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. File photo.
Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. File photo.

Five South African civil society organisations are calling for those who violated the court order that prevented the Sudanese president Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir from leaving the country‚ to be arrested.

The five include Accountability Now‚ Human Rights Media Centre‚ Khulumani Support Group‚ Sonke Gender Justice Network and South African History Archive (SAHA).

In the statement‚ which they all signed‚ they also called for the SA Government to obey court orders and respect the independence of the judiciary.

The statement was also signed by 118 concerned individuals.

On June 15‚ the Gauteng Division of the High Court had declared that the government's failure to arrest al-Bashir was inconsistent with country's Constitution and was invalid. The court also found that al-Bashir's departure from South Africa had violated a court order that prevent his leaving.

“The refusal by the South African government to cooperate with the International Criminal Court (ICC) represents a very serious challenge to the global struggle against impunity and lawlessness. In refusing to arrest President al-Bashir South Africa has broken its international treaty obligations and defied its own law and Constitution‚”‚ the statement read.

It went on to say that the conduct of the government could lead to the dismantling of its democracy.

The statement also called on SA politicians to stop making “gratuitous attacks against the judiciary”.

They did not say what they would do if the government did not respond to their statement.

RDM News Wire.